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Angelo J. Puppolo, Jr.


Angelo has been a strong independent leader who will work in our best interest. Angelo has consistently stood up and fought for important issues, and will always put the district first.

Angelo has worked to reduce crime and is a strong supporter of public safety issues that are making our streets and neighborhoods safer. Angelo is a solid supporter of the Police and Fire Departments.

Angelo was the only City Councilor to vote against budgets of the past administration.

As an attorney, Angelo has the knowledge and experience needed to create and understand the importance of laws and the critical role of a legislator in the budget process.


Angelo has a proven record of supporting education and school construction and renovation projects. He is a solid supporter of our Public School System and issues that effect our children. He knows the value of education, and the importance of a positive learning environment.

Angelo supports economic development and business retention in our community. He's worked successfully with the Chamber of Commerce, business owners, local, state, and federal officials on development projects.

Angelo has been a consistent supporter of our senior citizens. He voted for cost of living increases and pension upgrades for retired Springfield city workers. Angelo knows our seniors are an important resource in the community, and is committed to helping our seniors in any way possible. He also voted for the creation of the Elder Affairs Department in Springfield, which will further help our seniors.

Angelo is a strong supporter of library and museum systems. He fought sucessfully to keep Springfield branch libraries open. He's supported capital projects including the improvements and renovation projects at the Quadrangle, Liberty, Sixteen Acres, Indian Orchard, and Mason Square branch libraries. Angelo also supports the extension of library hours so our children, seniors, and all residents can have access to libraries.

Angelo worked with city and Library officials making a library branch in East Forest Park a reality.

Angelo has worked to make our neighborhoods stronger and better. He has worked with neighborhood councils, civic associations, unions and community leaders throughout the city. Angelo believes that every neighborhood counts.

Angelo continues to work to preserve our parks and open space.

Angelo co-sponsored and supported the cell tower, billboard, and adult entertainment moratoriums to protect quality of life issues for neighborhoods.

Angelo voted in favor of the proposed smoking ban for Springfield restaurants.

Angelo voted to support the new Regional Dog Pound facility in Springfield. He made sure the finances were in order; but he realizes the important need for such a facility to protect our community and to control and protect dogs and cats.

Angelo gets back to people. He always returns phone calls and responds to mail. Constituent service is a top priority for Angelo.